In English

Printmoore Oy (Ltd) is not a print house, neither communication office nor marketing agency; we are what the client really needs and wants. With truely functional and trustworthy two way co-operation with the affiliates, we are proud to offer services only and just for needs. This is the frame for optimated and costs saving production, also for market-based and competative pricing.

Printmoore Oy is an additional sales channel for the affiliates, an operating coordinator or consultant for the clients, and a broker in the cases of low added values from us.

Mainly we do operate in Finland, but there are no barriers not to provide our services abroad also. We do serve in English and also in Swedish, so do not hesitate to contact us in any case according to your company’s marketing communication needs.


The provided services are as follows:

  • traditional printing solution with offset, heat set, digital or screen print
  • large format printing solution with mounting
  • graphic layout and editing
  • graphic design
  • logistics and storage.